Contact Lenses

Find the right contact lens for you at Limestone Eyecare

Whether you’re interested in trying contact lenses for the first time or have been wearing them for years, at Limestone Eyecare, we offer experience and state of the art eye care and lens technology to help you find the best contacts lenses just for you.

contact lenses

We prescribe various types of contact lenses to fit every need

Traditional Soft Contact Lenses

Soft lenses require almost no physical adaptation. For most individuals, full time wear is achieved quickly and effortlessly. Soft lenses are disposable, delivering the highest level of safety and offering maximum convenience and consistency of comfort.

Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses

We simply love the new technology for daily disposable lenses! If you go back and forth between glasses and contacts frequently, don’t like the hassle of storing and cleaning your lenses, want to reduce your risk of ocular infections, or work in an environment that can cause irritation and build-up on your lenses — these may be the best choice for you! We carry a wide variety of these lenses.

Astigmatic Contact Lenses

Oh, the dreaded astigmatism. A large word that simply means your eye is not perfectly spherically shaped. This is a normal and common finding, and we have the right contact lenses to help reduce aberrations and enhance vision in patients with astigmatism.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

After age 40, your vision may change. You may find yourself holding reading material at arm’s length or squinting to decipher fonts. It’s called presbyopia, and today, it’s every reason to inquire about custom multifocal lenses to get you back to seeing crisp images from any distance.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral lenses are used mainly to treat diseased and surgically altered corneas. They are large diameter lenses which vault over the entire corneal surface and rest on the “white” of the eye (the sclera). Some conditions that can be treated with scleral lenses include dry eye syndrome, keratoconus and corneal ectasias. Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Post-LASIK, and Post-corneal transplant. If you have any of these conditions, and you need to schedule an appointment with a local Kingston eye doctor, call our office today at 613-507-3939.

Contact Lens Recycling

Collect your discarded lenses and blister packs and return them to Limestone Eyecare for recycling!

Bausch + Lomb Contact Lens Recycling

contact lens recycling